For Meetup 3: Resources recap for Great Escape

So far, these are the resources that we have culled for our group.

  1. The original intro hand-out.  More about what and why we are here to mediate on the great escape.  Fun info to inspire us.
    this writeup also had some links and refernces.
  2. The full size Nova Pie – printable
  3. The survey with core questions. – special additional questions a kept aside for when we dive into that topic.

Meetup 3: What it means to you

For this meetup, we are going to look at what factors (drivers) are important to each of us, how we define them, and why we prioritize them as we do.  Read more of this post

Assessment for Creativity.

Creativity is defined in many ways by many people.

  • Creativity is often the core factor in making a business a huge and sudden success.
  • Creativity is often the main characteristic that makes people famous.
  • Creativity is in the fabric of everything that humankind produces.
  • Creativity is not always sensually aesthetic.  Sometimes it’s simply an innovative way to see and act upon an established idea.
  • Defining creativity is anti-creative!

How does creativity show up in your life?

Here are some additional questions for Creativity.

  1. How do I express creativity?  Don’t think of this as needing just one answer.  Most of us apply creativity in several key ways.
  2. How does creativity enhance and fullfill my life?
  3. What skills and techniques work best for me in being creative.
  4. If I tell you that creativity, itself, is a skill, how would you say that has worked for you in the past, and how would you improve that skill?

Meetup 2 – Great Escape Discussion

Lenore was a fantastic facilitator for this month’s discussion.  Thank you again, Lenore!  She highlighted the plan and asked how it worked for people.  For a few, the journal worked well.  Others focused on research.  Using a variety of ways to assess these drivers Read more of this post

Meetup 2: For more info on Cohousing

I found these links to cohousing.  They might be of interest to people who were intrigued by Ann and Chris’ visit on their June 28th visit!   Read more of this post

The Plan phase 1: Assessment Core Questions

Here are the core questions to help foster meditating about each of the drivers.  These core questions can be asked for each of th drivers.  The drivers will also have their own unique questions.

Click here for the core questions

The Drivers – Where do you need work?

Here is the list of drivers from the NoVA Pie.  The first step in assessment is to decide what you need to work on.  Take this pole to help you decide and prioritize.

Drivers – How good do you feel about them?


I’m not Creative

Saying “I’m not creative” is like looking for someone who is normal.  It’s just a myth.  There is no one normal. There’s only people’s ideals for what a normal person should be. 

Same is true for being creative.  Everyone is creative… at worst, they may need to practice it more.  At worst, you are rusty at it.  Want to meditate?  Reduce stress? Find joy?  Find yourself?  Then practice playin’!  Being creative is just like everything that is worthwhile in life.  It takes work and practice; and just like all practice, the more you do it, the easier it becomes to do.

Here is an article from CopyBlogger, 10 ways to recognize and defeat creative mental blocks.  It’s short but covers a lot of good points.

New Video for NWFC group

Here is a video to help the NWFC gang get started on blogging in this site.

This site has been around for 20 years. Their average number of visitor is 16,000 a month, so it is very popular and I’m sure going to leap over the next few years. Read more of this post

Meetup 1 – Results & Thoughts about retiring

For this inaugural meetup, we each talked about why this topic interested us, what we wanted to achieve, and just some observations about preparing for retirement.  

We reviewed the life plan and are starting with self-assessment on two of the 10 drivers.  Creativity we are all going to do.  Then we are each going to choose on other driver of our own priority.   There’s a survey that was handed out.  Read more of this post


Post comments about our first part of doing the plan, Assess.  For this part, we are looking at each slice and making self-assessments about each.

We are starting with Creativity and one driver of our choice.

Co-housing? What are the options?

Fran brought up about co-housing, today.  It sounded like a paid commune with privacy.  That’s intiguing, particularly if they have any focused on sharing art studios… ones with kilns … ones with raku kilns :D

Anyway, please use this to post comments on this topic.  Use the Add links if you have sites for it.

Meetup 1 – Intro and Agenda

Today’s outcome > Establish goals, frame the plan (Drivers, evaluators and processes),  initiate assessment, talk about other meetups. Read more of this post

Introducing the Third Age

When it comes to making a personal goal and plan, there’s lots of push and support for people getting ready to go out, start their first career, build their education, and initiate financial planning for security at the end of their careers.  Then there’s home planning, baby planning, social planning, yada yada … 90% of which is targeted to 17 to 30 year olds.  Read more of this post


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