I’m not Creative

Saying “I’m not creative” is like looking for someone who is normal.  It’s just a myth.  There is no one normal. There’s only people’s ideals for what a normal person should be. 

Same is true for being creative.  Everyone is creative… at worst, they may need to practice it more.  At worst, you are rusty at it.  Want to meditate?  Reduce stress? Find joy?  Find yourself?  Then practice playin’!  Being creative is just like everything that is worthwhile in life.  It takes work and practice; and just like all practice, the more you do it, the easier it becomes to do.

Here is an article from CopyBlogger, 10 ways to recognize and defeat creative mental blocks.  It’s short but covers a lot of good points.

About Passing reMark
Creativity is the evidence of life. When you go on a creative journey, no matter how fast, hard, or thoroughly you may try to reach your destination, you will never "get there". In fact, the more you travel, the more creative journeys you will find.

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